Ultion Keys Doncaster

Ultion keys Doncaster

Ultion Keys Doncaster

Doncaster Locksmith SheffLOCK is a licenced Ultion Key Centre so we can legally cut spare or replacement Ultion Keys. Cheap copies can be found on the internet using cast cheap metal that can break in the lock or damage your lock, invalidating your guarantee.

Only use keys bearing the Ultion Logo.

Ultion keys Doncaster

Genuine Ultion Keys

Licensed Ultion Key Centres have access to the decoding algorithm to duplicate the coded key. Once decoded the precise indentations can be cut using specialist machines.

As one of only a few licensed Ultion Key Centres in South Yorkshire we can get your keys cut for you locally and quickly. Send us your details securely by visiting our online shop. You can pick up your keys in-store.

Ultion keys Doncaster

Additional Ultion Keys

Additional ULTION keys can be cut without the need for the original key. We require the reference letters and numbers found on the key, under the ULTION logo.

Buying additional ULTION keys from SheffLOCK is stress free and extremely easy, with no need to take your key to a business premises and wait whilst the keys are duplicated. Simply send us your key code and we will post them to you.

Ultion keys Doncaster

We use genuine Ultion key blanks and Ultion WXM key blanks, cut on the latest key machines. Ultion WXM keys are 30% thicker than U-type Ultion keys and 60% thicker than standard TS007 keys.


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Ultion Key Cutting

SheffLOCK are one of only a few officially licensed Ultion key cutting centres in South Yorkshire. This enables us to cut and deliver all types of Ultion keys at competitive prices for Ultion lock owners.

We can also supply Lution XM, which is the recommended lubricant for Ultion Locks. Lution XM is a dry graphite powder for lubricating the keyway. Oil should not be used.

Key Cutting Doncaster

Key Cutting Doncaster

We can cut additional Ultion keys when fitting the locks to doors in Doncaster. You also have the option of picking up the keys from our Sheffield based shop.

There is also the option of having two or more locks keyed-alike. This means that one key can open two or more Ultion locks on different types of doors or padlocks.

Ultion keys Doncaster

Make Your Ultion Key Unique

Your keys can be personalised with coloured keycaps, keylights and keytags to make them identifiable and personal. We have a number of colour options if you wish to have a look in our shop. For darker evenings a keylight may be useful and if you are forever losing your keys then the keytag option will help you locate them.

Ultion keys Doncaster
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Ultion keys Doncaster

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Quickly followed up my enquiry and provided me with a new lock. Very efficient and professional service from Chris. Reasonable price for a good service and product. Would highly recommend
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