Anti-Snap Locks Doncaster

anti snap locks Doncaster

The £2,000 Anti-Snap guarantee

The anti-snap lock is a guarantee that when you close your door and lock it, no person can break in to gain entry. This method of forced entry is known as Lock Snapping.

It is important to know that this anti-snap lock is designed to break at the cut point when enough force is applied.

This disables the lock from the attacked side. You can still use the lock from the inside until the lock is replaced. No one has ever claimed the £2,000 guarantee and burglars continue to be unsuccessful to snap locks in Doncaster.

anti snap locks Doncaster

Anti-snap locks Doncaster

Each Anti-snap lock has a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

If your lock is attacked it will break off at the cut-away line which it is designed to do, to keep you safe.

SheffLOCK are one of only a few official Ultion key centres in South Yorkshire and we strongly advise all households to have these burglary prevention locks supplied and fitted.

anti-snap locks Doncaster

Anti-snap locks Doncaster

The Ultion door lock is top choice for door companies who are security conscious.

Ultion TS007-3Star £POA

5.0 average, based on 133 reviews

Feel safe and secure now - by , November 1, 2020
Feel safe after a spate of burglaries nearby where they broke the lock.
anti-snap locks Doncaster
Approved by everyone

To maintain the smooth operation, lubricate every 6 months with LUTION XM graphite powder from SheffLOCK maintains smooth key turning and prolongs life.

The Lubricant from SheffLOCK can be purchased via our online shop: Buy Now.

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anti-snap lock doncaster
294,970 key combinations

Most euro locks have 5 or 6 pins. Ultion locks use 11. Ultion creates 3 times the number of key combinations required for the highest standard.

When the anti-snap lock detects an attack it activates Lockdown Mode. A hidden pin in Ultion’s core secures the central cam and stops the intruder being able to open the door.

anti-snap locks Doncaster
20-point drill protection

13% are broken into via drilling. Both ends of every device feature 20 hardened steel pins and plates each one positioned precisely to protect your device from a drill attack.

Each pin and plate is made from hardened steel, precisely positioned to protect against attempts at drilling. A £2,000 guarantee ensures that it will not be snapped or drilled with entry gained.

anti snap lock doncaster
Unbeaten in every test, literally

Ultion 3*, Sold Secure Diamond Lock. Don’t risk your security. Secure your home with Ultion.

Trusted to protect. 96% of owners would recommend to Doncaster friends and family. £1,000 how much we'll give you if you're burgled by snapping.

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anti snap locks Doncaster
Anti Snap Protection

Double sacrificial protection with 89% of door locks broken by snapping. Lock snapping is the most common method of burglary technique because it is quick, quiet and requires little skill. The Ultion is designed to snap safely and in a controlled way.

This introduces LockDown Mode™, a hidden lock activates when an attack is detected.

lock snapping burglary

Handle snapping burglary

Door handle snapping burglary and blowtorch burglary has been used by criminals for over a decade.

The method targets standard handles on doors installed everywhere with the public unaware of how vulnerable to burglary they are.

Anti-snap locks

Quiet and quick

We find that customers awake to find they have been burgled with the car keys and cars stolen and heard nothing.

We go to lock snapping burglaries regularly as homeowners are unaware of the dangers of non-accredited locks.

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