Garage Door Security Doncaster

Here are a few examples of the garage door locks we have fitted in Doncaster.

Garage door security Doncaster

Garage door security Doncaster

To improve garage door security we recommend fitting additional locks where there may be access to lever the door. The locks take seconds to operate and are a great visual detterent.

Garage door security Adwick

Garage door security Adwick

We have fitted hundred of bolts to enhance garage door security where the garage is built into the house. Burglars will look for an easy way into your property with grage doors a known flaw in some home security plans.

Garage door security Alverley

Garage doors Alverley

The locks can be secured to the inside of your garage door with the pin hole drilled deep into the concrete floor. The drill holes are capped with an attractive cover to protect you from any sharp edges.

Garage door security Armthorpe

Garage door security Armthorpe

If the floor cannot be drilled then we can drill into the garage door frame if the material along the edge of the door is strong enough. It is also recommended that the bottom edge of the door is flush to prevent levering.

Garage door security Askern

Garage door security Askern

Securing your old garage door with new locks is a cost-effective way to improve your security. Call us to arrange a site visit so we can go over the options that will suit your pocket and requirements.

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