uPVC Window Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster

uPVC Window Repair

Doncaster Locksmiths SheffLOCK are experts in UPVC window repairs in Doncaster.

Windows perform their task of keeping us safe and warm inside on cold days. On warm days we need to be able to open the windows to allow fresh cool air to circulate.

We always try the cost-effective approach to repair any faulting parts before looking to replace them.

If a complete UPVC window mechanism set needs replacing it will be fitted as soon as possible knowing your safety and security is our priority.

My UPVC window has failed to open or close?

  • The closed window cannot be opened
  • The window is open and cannot be closed
  • The closed window handle will not lock the window.
uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster
Comprehensive specialist UPVC window repair service

The window repairs services we offer are:

  1. uPVC window repair
  2. replacement window handle
  3. window replacement
  4. repair casement windows
  5. double glazing repair
  6. turn and tilt windows
  7. sash window repair
  8. aluminium window repair
  9. sealed unit replacement glass
  10. broken window glass replacement
uPVC Window Sill Repairs Doncaster

UPVC Window Sill Repairs

We offer seamless UPVC window sill repairs to bring back your windows to a high standard.

This saves hundreds compared with having to replace the windows with new frames and double glazing.

uPVC Window Frame Repair

UPVC Window Frame Repair

The sun and weather conditions will make the material brittle. Cracked frames can be professionally repaired so they look like new.

uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster

uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster

Check that your UPVC windows are in working order for your safety and comfort. Your home insurance policy will require you to make sure your windows are serviced routinely.

New UPVC Windows have inner UPVC mechanisms that allow your window to open and close securely. UPVC window hinges are at times neglected causing them to fault or can simply malfunction without warning.

uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster

My UPVC window is faulting?

A UPVC window lock faulting can result in the window becoming extremely difficult to close and lock, which in time results in complete mechanism failure if the problem is not rectified.

We strongly advise that if the UPVC mechanism is faulting that you contact ourselves straight away to get the problem resolved rather than continuing to use the window.

The problem will not rectify by itself and will only get worse!

Contact uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster now to discuss your problem.

uPVC Window Repairs Doncaster

We can quickly attend your property and rectify the problem causing minimal disruption and distress.

*We do not advise attempting to rectify any UPVC window problem yourself as this often leads to further damage occurring at an additional cost to yourself - always employ the services of a UPVC specialist in scenarios mentioned above*

We cannot stress enough that it is not uncommon for UPVC window locks to become faulty over time, especially if not serviced or and/ or used correctly.

When this occurs the majority of people are reluctant to call a UPVC window specialist like ourselves through fear of being told they need a complete new window unit.

We are here to help you and ensure that any problems encountered are resolved in a professional and friendly manner, please don’t worry you are in safe hands.

uPVC Window Lock Repairs
UPVC Window Lock Repairs

In addition to our UPVC repair service, as EX-Police officers and Burglary Prevention specialists, we can also carry out upgrades to window security at cost-effective prices.

UPVC window locks are a vital part of the overall security of your home and should be fixed as soon as possible, please do not neglect this area of your home.

uPVC repair services Doncaster
Double Glazing Repair

We can carry out double glazing repairs with sealed unit  window replacement once we have measured the dimensions of the glass.

Repair Benefits

Having your windows repaired when they are faulty has many benefits:

  1. reduce heat loss
  2. reduce heating bills
  3. reduce condensation
  4. improve your home security
  5. improve the appearance of your property
  6. full 12 month guarantee

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